The Black Cosmos Society is a social club located in Las Vegas for Black Men and Women that want to create a sense of community through social interaction and experiences.  We explore music, food, art, history, travel, language, ideas, and economics with community upliftment as an agenda.

Black Cosmos Society is its own event producer and coordinator under the patronage of Wondrous Occasions LLC.  Our events are designed for fun, knowledge and connecting with each other.


Creating A Sense of Community

Among Our Own

How To Join

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Each applicant is required to have a profile and means of communication. Hope to hear from you.



Presence, Realness, Accountability and a deep understanding of Reciprocity. We will not misuse our own community by allowing more energy to go out than comes in.

Respect is always required.

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"It’s time to create spaces where we heal, find comfort in voices and connection in our community. "- Lauren Antoinette, President & Founder