Regrouping for YOU when the world is focused on Hate

The past year has been filled with an overload of discussions on politics, racism, gender bias, police brutality, mass incarceration, and community action. In certain circumstances, it can all start to leave one feeling a bit fatigued and worn out. There is no question that times are changing and agendas are being constructed in the interest of a number of different groups. People are fed up, tired and want to see some type of change not only in the United States but in the World. The past months have taken the team here at WO through a wide spectrum of strong emotions; ranging from tears, whaling, wanting to scream and break things down to the ground to disbelief and disappointment. Emotions such as anger, disgust, resentment, rage, anguish, and exhaustion came flooding in like storm waters and left a void that stood incomprehensible.

No matter your stance on the current situations going on right now, I think it is safe to say that most of us feel overloaded at times with the amount of hate that has been shoved into our eye gates and ears over the past year. Although none of these actions are anything new under the sun, it is now playing center stage for more people than ever before.

So what does a Women’s Empowerment Company have to say to our fellow Queens;

Let’s take a moment to focus on YOU, focus on self. Let’s take a moment to remember and enjoy the things that we are fighting for, debating for and for some, dying for. Even more importantly, take the time to get a hold of YOU and regroup!

We as women carry more than people realize, holding our pain and fatigue tight like collapsed lungs. It is the women that have always been the backbone for the family and community. We have to love, nurture and give without pause; giving until we are often empty. While the number of Black women attaining higher education and income are growing, our physical and mental health are shown to be depleting. We are forgetting the importance of self. We are forgetting that woman we see in the mirror every morning and all the whispered promises that we made to our selves yesterday.

Choose a method to increase self focus; log off of the social networks for a while, choose to ignore mass media for a time, or take a mini vacation. Make the time to regroup. Get back to you for a moment and replenish. Grab that book you been meaning to finish, have a movie night with some friends, download that new album and dance around your room with a glass of wine; embrace the things in life that make you feel like yourself again. You owe it to yourself.

Taking a moment to regroup is not turning your back on the struggles that we are facing. Regrouping happens in every battle, every struggle. “In ancient times, those skilled in warfare made themselves invincible and then waited for the enemy to become vulnerable… If you care for your health, avoid fatigue, you will be united and will build strength” – Sun Tzu, The Art of War. Sometimes regrouping gives birth to new strategy and new approaches.

There is a lot of work that needs to be done and the road ahead for us is long. It’s time for us to build up strength; we will need it for our Men, our Children, our Community and each other. Replenish yourself Queen, you will need it. Then when you have restored YOU, polish that crown and start your new Reign.

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